Ramtv Beds Pricelist Table

SizeTypeMaterialNormal PricesSpecial Prices
Single BedEuro TopBambooR 2099.00R 1749.00
Single BedPillow TopBambooR 2499.00R 2150.00
3/4 BedEuro TopBambooR 2199.00R 1949.00
3/4 BedPillow TopBambooR 2 599.00R 2 350.00
Double BedEuro TopBambooR 2799.00R 2549.00
Double BedPillow TopBambooR 2999.00R 2849.00
Queen BedEuro TopBambooR 3199.00R 2999.00
Queen BedPillow TopBambooR 3499.00R 3199.00
King Size BedEuro TopBambooR 4499 .00R 4099 .00
King Size BedPillow TopBambooR 4799.00R 4399.00
SizeTypeMaterial Normal PricesWarranty
Single BedBudgetmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 999.00NO
Single BedNormalmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 199.00NO
3/4 BedBudgetmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 1099.00NO
3/4 BedNormalmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 1299.00NO
Double BedBudgetmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 1599.00NO
Double BedNormalmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 1799.00NO
Queen BedNormalmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 1999.00NO
Fat cat Queen5 yearsmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 3799.00NO
Fat cat Double5 yearsmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 2899.00NO
Single 5 star Starsmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 1599.00NO
Double 5starsStarsmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR 2399.00NO
Queen 5starsStarsmixed ,White,brown,blue and BlackR2499.00NO
Single BedFull FoamBambooR 2550.00
3/4 BedFull FoamBambooR 2699.00
Double BedFull FoamBambooR 3699.00
Queen Bed Full FoamBambooR 4499.00
King SizeFull FoamBambooR 5899.00
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